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The Really Cool Shop

Our newly opened shop is located in Buckley in beautiful Northern Michigan at a major intersection on M37.

Our Story

We have always wanted to have our own business. It all started with wanting a pet store before the age of the big box store and so the dream lingered. Mike gained 30 years experience in gunsmithing at Weatherby’s, Williams and Gander Mountain to enhance his degree from Trinidad State and I developed a knack for merchandising and management which didn’t really blend with my Biology degree.

We decided to open the shop when we were given the opportunity to buy all the gunsmithing equipment at a bargain price from Gander Mountain during its liquidation. Then we found an affordable building just 5 miles from our new house. We were given 5 antique glass display cases that were just going to be thrown away-sure they were grime black and in poor condition but we refinished and refurbished them – they’re beautiful.  Everything that happened – all the exceptional deals, both of us being unemployed – all pointed to working for ourselves.

We are both exceptional at what we do – gunsmithing, merchandising and retail. We stand by our philosophy that “our success will be measured by our customer commitment, respect  and service.”

We are excited to be in Buckley. We offer great gunsmithing, unusual antiques and unique items, aromatherapy products and essential oil therapies.  We hope not only to become successful but also hope to be a gateway for those who want to exhibit their unique crafts and gain exposure using our retail space.

About Mike Robinson and Tobi Stork

Mike and Tobi live in Buckley, MI. Mike has thirty years of experience including seventeen years at Gander Mountain, 10 years at Williams Gunsight Company, and three years at Weatherby’s. He holds an Associates Degree in Gunsmithing from Trinidad State. Tobi has been in retail management for 40 years and holds a BS in Biology/Chemistry. In their spare time they enjoy raising, breeding and loving Border Collies, gold panning, traveling, and baseball.